WWE TLC Betting

The World Wrestling Entertainment or WWE is one of the most popular entertainment shows in the USA and in the world. It is basically revolved around wrestling and we all love a good wrestling match. Especially when it is a good fight between two great wrestlers, fighters. In the heat of the battle it will be clear who is the better wrestler. That is the time when the one with the biggest heart, with the greatest courage, smarts will take down the opponent. But it is not easy as all of the wrestlers in the WWE are trained professionals and all of them train hard, eat hard, rest and wrestle hard. Every single one of them. There are no exceptions. Only the best of the best are competing in WWE and to really stand out means that you are among the best in the whole world. All of these athletes have been training and competing for years. Brutal years filled with a lot of straining, a lot of hard work, a lot of lost battles that filled them with even more motivation than ever, a lot of pain from the numerous injuries that they suffered in the heat of the battle. But all of that have made them, their bodies and their spirit tough as nails. The battles inside WWE rings leave everyone breathless. Chiseled physiques and sweaty bodies will collide against each other but only one can be standing, only one be victorious and only one can be a true champion. The crowd and fans, in the arenas and at home, can see and sense who is a true fighter. They will be loud and clear and they will be cheering for their favorite wrestler.


That is why on 15th of December you will experience something that will leave you with your mouth wide open. 5 incredible matches already and more to come that will literally blow your mind. You shall be amazed by the fierce battles that this fighters will provide you with while they are battling against each other with all their strength and heart.


The biggest match of the night is the match between Randy Orton and John Cena. This is one of the greatest rivalries in WWE history. Both of these wrestlers have started their careers in 2002 and since then they have been going at each other as hard as they could. That is over a decade of rivalry, something that is rarely seen in any type of individual sports let alone wrestling. This match will be all or nothing, this match is about the ultimate champion as John Cena is the heavyweight champion and Randy Orton is the WWE champion. The winner will be the unified champion, the true champion of all wrestling. The match will be a TLC one, TLC meaning tables, ladders and chairs. John Cena had a lot of injuries but in the end I think he is hungrier and it will be him the last man standing.


The rest is the Daniel Bryan and the Watts and CM Punk. This should be entertaining as well as it should be tough battles that could go either way.