TNA Bound for Glory Preview

We are just two months away from the Bound for Glory PPV in October, it seems like most people are decided with what the outcome would look like. So, here is a TNA Bound for Glory Prevoew that will make everyone wonder if all will really hail Sabin on the fated Sunday night.

Current Points

If you base your predictions solely on points, it would seem that Chris Sabin would likely face Magnus in October. But that is not really the case especially if you take the 50 year history of unexpected champions. The 39 points that Magnus presently holds could be slammed by other players that are still in the field. Remember the fight of Samoa Joe and Mr. Anderson, which ended up with Mr. Anderson being the winner? Well, look who’s on a higher scale now. Samoa Joe is roughly above him by two points.

It is very much reasonable then to argue that points would matter on almost every other sport aside frpm wrestling. Many would actually look up to the hard work of AJ Styles which is way beyond the tally of points.
Names and Reputations

The recent  ‘talk’ , well they would call it that way, of defending champion Sabin and Bully Ray on the former’s match did not go entirely well. Bully Ray just went climbing in the ring slammed both wrestlers and just went on to deliver his threats and swag. That is exactly what makes Ray a better champion in terms of appearances and attitude. You see, most champions are portrayed angelic and heroic most of the times, but not him. His bullying title and general appearance just knock the popular concept of the one who rightfully wears the belt.It would seem like a lion is the one taunting the deer with the crown. Of course many people would also cheer hard for Sabin once he’s standing at the ropes. His attitude also resembles a gentleman gone awry and presents himself with not too much of perky clothes. At least he’s not wearing purple briefs while lifting guys over his head. But why settle if there are other men who could totally live up to the expectations when it comes to appearances?

The story’s ending is very inconclusive right now. Going back to AJ Styles who was excluded from the Heavyweight Championship list, but he would still have every fan cheering for him every time. Style is not lying on the outskirts but instead lurking in the middle line. That could actually provide for a better conclusion where a satisfying wrestler rose up and went on to have his matchup for the belt and end the tale of the BFG series as the best one in all four corners of the ring.

Thus, it would not be much to dwell on points but rather on the character and the crowd that defines a lot of the path that most matches take. Last August 15, a free viewing of the matches was conducted for everyone to see. Most people would see it as spoilage of the WWE profits, but many more would think that the free viewing is a foreshadowing of what is coming to San Diego in October. Watch out folks, you wouldn’t know when someone could slam you from behind.