Night of Champions (2013)

The moment WWE federation announced it’s 2013’s biggest Pay Per View Event “Night Of Champions” all the fans have been eagerly waiting for news about the date, venue, matches and other announcements. WWE Federation was being very secretive about its event matches but somehow most of the fans knew what matches could take place. Finally, its official, Nights of Champions will go live on September 15th, Sunday at 8 Pm Eastern time. This event will be broadcasted live from Joe Louis Arena (Detroit, Michigan). As this event is a pay per view service, to access this event contact your cable services provider or you can order the event over or you can also watch the live event at any of the WWE’s Blast area.


There are huge matches set-up and people’s expectation are very high. With building hype and drama between the audiences, this show has been predicted to become one of the most watched live events ever, till date. So here is a sneak preview of the event for you:


1) Miz VS Fandango – A pre-event match where Fandango will take revenge from Miz for interrupting his show at Summer slam and for bashing that former champ gave him. There are no titles up for the competition but that is what makes this match more interesting. They both have great potential and the best time to shine. Prediction: It is kind of very difficult but somehow it feels like Fandango might just win from the former champ.


2) Randy Orton (champ) VS Daniel Bryan – This was easily the most predictable match up for this event, especially after summer slam. Randy snatched the title from Daniel and it was a great match to watch. However this match does promises more excitement then the number of blows to the head that each of them is going to get. Prediction: No matter how much we would wan Daniel to win, somehow feel like Randy Orton will retain the title. (TITLE: WWE CHAMPIONSHIP)


3) Rob Van Dam VS Dean Ambrose (champ) –Great exciting match, where Dean Ambrose will give everything to retain the title. On the hand if the last fight had not been interrupted then RVD would already have the title by now. Prediction: Dean Ambrose retaining the title. This will go for another rematch. (TITLE: UNITED STATES CHAMPIONSHIP)


4) Alberto Del Rio (champ) VS Christian – A rematch after their last fight where Alberto retained. Prediction: This might be tricky but seems like Christian will win the title. (TITLE: WORLD HEAVY WEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP)


5) Big Show with Mark Henry VS The Shield (champ) – It would be interesting to see how The Shield perform in front of two strongest men in WWE. Prediction: The Shield retaining title. (TITLE: TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP)


6) Natalya VS AJ Lee (champ) – This is a great shot for Natalya to go for the title however AJ could easily retain her title. Prediction: AJ LEE wins. (TITLE: DIVAS CHAMPIONSHIP)


7) Cody Rhodes VS Damien Sandow: Damien show lost his match at the Summer Slam so this is the best way to regain the image. Prediction: Damien will win. (Money in the bank)


8) Curtis Axel (champ) defending Intercontinental Championship against a randomly chosen fighter. Prediction: Curtis retains his title.


There you go, not many titles but great matches and could be great surprises too. This was a sneak preview of the 2013 Night of Champions for you. Do not forgot to watch to see if the predictions matches the results.