Money in the Bank Betting Tips

The WWE Event Money in the Bank is ready to begin. There are predictions about what wrestlers will make it to the end and which ones will face elimination right away.

Ryback vs. Bray Wyatt for the Intercontinental Championship
Bray will not miss a shot for this championship game. He has been waiting for his chance at Ryback for several weeks now. There is an active feud between these two men and it is heating up. Many feel that Bray is going to be the winner but there is a gold medal on the line now.

New Day vs. Prime Time Players in the Tag Team Championship
This is the first tag team match for New Day and the Prime Time Players are going to be a tough challenge. This is going to be a match to watch with the Prime Time Players looking for their title show.

Paige vs. Nikki Bella in the Diva Championship
Nikki is coming off a winning streak defeating Naomi twice and even by a pin. It is Paige’s turn to try to stop Nikki Bella. Paige has an impressive record herself. She won the Battle Royal in London a couple of week ago and she has been put on as one of the main women in the WWE. This is going to be one of the most evenly paired matches but many feel that Nikki will come out ahead.

King Barrett vs. Mark Henry
King Barrett was not able to win the title at the Intercontinental Championship that was held at the Elimination Chamber. He for one the first time in his career is considered to be the underdog. Mark Henry is ready to return and has matched up with Barrett before. While Barrett has skill and will put on a good match for the crowd it is Mark Henry that is picked to win this match and star his comeback in the WWE.

Dean Ambrose vs. Seth Rollins in the No Disqualification WWE Championship
While this is going to be a close match many feel that Ambrose will take the title in this match. Ambrose will get his second attempt at the gold during this match and is not going to give it away to Rollins.

There are some changes since this Elimination Chamber 2015 was announced and some new picks to come out on top. For many one of the biggest changes and surprises is Kevin Owens facing off against John Cena and even winning the match. Owens now is not one of the main WWE wrestles but he will be one to keep an eye on during this event. During the championship he has to face Cena again and Cena is not too happy with him.

While these rankings are predictions of how is going to win the match nothing is definite yet. Like anything else the rankings can change and the underdog can win the bout. A fan will just have to watch this championship event to see what wrestler will come out on top.