Hell in a Cell 2013 Preview

Hell in a Cell 2013 takes place on October 27 at Miami’s American Airlines Arena. Sponsored by WWE 2K14, this year’s event is the fifth annual Hell in a Cell and will host several matches featuring some of WWE’s most notorious stars.

The main event sees Randy Orton fight Daniel Bryan is the quest to find a winner in the WWE Championship after their last meeting resulted in a no contest at WWE Battleground. Previously, during the SummerSlam competition in August, Bryan defeated John Cena but was betrayed by Triple H who was refereeing the match, meaning Cena won the championship. Orton and Bryan fought again at the Night of Champions the month afair, with Bryan defeating Orton to reclaim the title, with the match outcome being based on a pinfall at the very last count. After the controversy surrounding WWE Battleground earlier this month, the audience were allowed to choose a referre for the match between Bryan and Orton. Shawn Michaels was chosen, after beating Bob Backlund and Booker T.

To kick off this year’s Hell in a Cell event, Curtis Axel will play Big E Langston in the singles match WWE’s Intercontinental Championhip. Other main matches include Alberto Del Rio fighting John Cena for the World Heavyweight Championship, CM Punk takes on Paul Heyman and Ryback for the Handicap title, while a Triple Threat tag team match will take place between Golust and Cody Rhodes versus Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns, versus Jey and Jimmy Uso. In the Divas Championship, Brie Bella will take on AJ Lee. This follows on from the Night on Champions where AJ Lee won against Brie Bella, as well as Naomi and Natalya to be awarded the Divas Championship. Later at WWE Battleground, Bella replayed Lee, but she lost when a unexpected appearance from Tamina Snuka occurred, when the latter attacked Bella’s sister Nikki, causing a distraction and letting AJ Lee win the match by default. In last week’s episode of Smackdown, the feud continued, with Bella defeating Lee in a fight. Then in the following episode of WWE Raw, Bella won against Lee again during an exciting tag team match. The kickoff match between Axel and Langston also has a long and violent history. In a recent episode of Smackdown, Langston lost to CM Punk. This year’s Hell in a Cell is a pay per view television event only, and the promotional poster for the event features R Truth. The official theme song for this year’s event is Out of Time by Stone Temple.