Battleground 2013 Results

Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan fought a tough in-ring match at WWE Battleground 2013 but there was no outright champion at this year’s event. Here is an analysis on main event. The announcers for Battleground 2013 were Michael Cole, JBL and Jerry Lawler.
At the beginning of the match, Bryan took Orton to the mat first and the pair traded holds. Orton dropped Bryan with his shoulder before they traded more holds on the mat. Then, Bryan pins Orton to the mat while he has him in submission and kicks in the corner row. He climbs up for a superplex before Orton crotches him from the top rope, clotheslining him and knocking him off the rope, resulting in Bryan toppling to the ground and falling to his head. At this point, Orton leads with a 2 count. Next, Orton mounts Bryan in the corner with his right hand and keeps control by working Bryan over in the corner. He performs a powerslam for 2 on Bryan. When Bryan leaps out with a suicide dive, Orton ends up on the ring floor, kicking against the barrier. Bryan pounds Orton into the barrier and finishes with a dropkick.
Later, the pair trade shots in the middle of the wrestling ring. The crowds roar as Bryan backslides Orton for a 2 count. Then, Orton is dropped to the floor with a kick to his head for 2 counts. Bryan tries to suplex Orton but he counteracts and knocks Bryan to the floor. Orton tries to powerbomb Bryan from the announcers table but Bryan slides and kicks back. He sends Orton into the steps and climbs to top, leaping out to Orton and then onto the floor. Later, Bryan applies the Yes Lock to Orton just before Big Show walks out to the ring. Big Show pulls the referee to his knees and the crowd boos him. Bryan stops the Yes Lock on Orton and asks Big Show what he’s doing. Show responds with a punch through the ropes. Brad Maddox then appears on stage and criticizes the referee Scott Armstrong. Big Show knocks Armstrong out with his fist. Show and Orton have words inside the ring before he Orton is knocked to the ground. Battleground goes off the air with Bryan and Orton still on the ground.
Other highlights from the event include the battle for ringside between Erick Rowan and Luke Harper. Bray Wyatt won the match, in part for hitting Sister Abigal. After the match, the Wyatt family knocked Kofi out which led to Bray giving a speech. In the Divas Championship, AJ Lee won against Brie Bella. Brie was joined in the ring by her sister Nikki while AJ Lee was supported by Tamina Snuka. In the match, AJ smashed Brie into the ring post before bending her arm. Brie came back but viewers were shocked when Tamina attacked Nikki outside the ring. Brie then went to attack Tamina which led AJ Lee to roll up from behind, bringing Brie to the ground and securing her win.